The last couple of days I’ve been seeing news feeds on my Facebook speculating on whether Hillary Clinton will make a run for Mayor of New York City. This speculation has come down two months after she was defeated by Donald Trump. (Yes, I know she got more of the popular vote but Donald Trump clinched the Electoral College delegates and that is what matters, unfortunately. I would love to see the Electoral College be eliminated but that’s another story altogether.)

This reminds me of back when I still had cable TV and I used to frequently watch MSNBC. One of the talk shows had Democratic Party insider Bob Schrum as a guest and I remember when he said that there is no reason why Hillary Clinton won’t become the next President of the United States. This interview took place in 2013, one year after the 2012 elections and I rolled my eyes because the previous presidential elections had been barely over last year and MSNBC was already speculating about the 2016 elections.

I’m so damned tired of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party pushing Hillary Clinton down the public’s throats like this. Hillary Clinton was rejected as president not once, but twice (surely you remember her 2008 Democratic primary loss to Barack Obama) by the voters and now they are trying to pump her up as the next Mayor of New York City. As this link puts it:

The bigger problem is that the return of Clinton fan fiction, so soon, seems impossibly cruel. I’d bet that no one has been told as many times that she should be president, and has not become president, as Hillary Clinton. Few, if any, have tried for the job and learned, in the media, that they never should have tried, because — oops — they were terrible at running for it.

Continuing further…

But the most basic problem is how it erases recent history. The theory of Hillary Clinton, candidate, entranced Democrats and media for a generation. She could do no wrong, until she began running for president, and then she could do no right. If you are not a member of the media, this seems deeply strange and phony. If it looks like the media’s going to lionize Clinton in defeat only so it can piñata her as a candidate, it seems not just strange, not just phony, but like the behavior of people who are more interested in entertainment than in the politics of peoples’ lives.

What’s even more galling is that they are doing this despite the Wikileaks revelations detailing how both the Democratic Party and the mainstream media colluded to push Hillary Clinton at the expense of other Democratic candidates who ran last time, especially Bernie Sanders. I find it rich that Russia is being blamed for the Wikipedia hacks yet no one has ever said that those revelations were false or the evidence had been fabricated. I’m not saying that Vladimir Putin is a great leader or he would never feel tempted to fix the elections of another country. I am saying that it’s so convenient that, rather than look at the substance of those Wikileaks hacked emails and other documents, the mainstream media is instead echoing the Democrat Party in saying that it’s all Vladimir Putin’s fault. With a mindset like that, Richard Nixon would’ve served out the rest of his second term had the media of that era decided to just blame the USSR for the Watergate burglary instead of investigating any links to the Nixon Administration.

How would an establishment neoliberal Democrat like Hillary Clinton govern New York City? To get an idea, New Yorkers should just look at the record of former Obama Administration official/establishment neoliberal Democrat/Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. I have friends who live in Chicago who are absolutely livid over the way Rahm Emmanuel has run their city (into the ground) and these people are very liberal. All I know is that I’m glad I don’t live in New York City because I’d hate to have to face the possibility of living under a Mayor Clinton.

Bill and Hillary Clinton need to just retire from politics and spend their golden years spoiling their grandchildren and traveling to nice resorts around the world. Seriously, just go away!