Santa Claus

Ever since my husband walked out on me I’ve gotten involved with a support group for people who are separated or divorced. Each year this group hosts a post-Christmas party that’s usually held between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s a pot luck party so everyone who plans to attend is asked to bring one dish to share. The high point is the White Elephant Gift Exchange. The idea is that if you received a Christmas gift that you didn’t want, you can wrap that present and bring it to the party. If you basically liked all of the gifts you received this year, then you can go to the store and buy something new that’s just for the gift exchange but the rule is to spend no more than $20.

I’ve been going to this party for the last few years and I find them to be such fun. This year I went to Five Below, where I purchased this gift item.


It’s a wine glass that’s large enough to hold an entire bottle of wine. I thought it was so hysterical when I saw it on sale that I couldn’t resist buying it for that party. The woman who ended up with it thought it was funny.

There are rules that we all had to follow regarding the White Elephant Gift Exchange and we all laughed as various people opened their chosen presents then other people stole various opened presents. Here is what I ended up with.


It’s a welcome mat. Except the writing on it is anything but welcoming to anyone.

See you later alligator…After while crocodile…In an hour, sunflower…Maybe two, kangaroo…Gotta go, buffalo…Adios, hippos…Ciao ciao, brown cow…See you soon, baboon…Adieu, cockatoo…Better swish, jellyfish…Chop chop, lollipop…Gotta run, skeleton…Bye-bye, butterfly…Better shake, rattlesnake!

I can remember the entire party cracking up as I read what was written on that mat. Right now I have it on the floor in the foyer of my home.