Santa Claus

This year I decided to make sugar cookies to give away to people just a few days before Christmas. I’ve made sugar cookies in the past but it’s been at least six years since I last made that attempt. I still have the cookie cutters and the rolling pin. I used to use this recipe that was in a James Beard cookbook but I stupidly gave it to my husband after he left me because I knew that he had originally brought that cookbook into our marriage (I think his mother gave it to him years ago but I’m not 100% sure if that is correct or not) and I wanted to appear reasonable and principled by giving it to him along with a few boxes of his stuff that I delivered to his apartment (where he was living at the time) when he was at work. (At the time I still hoped he would reconsider his decision to divorce me and we would reconcile. I placed it outside his apartment door since I didn’t have a key.)

I tried going through the cookbooks I currently own and I couldn’t find a single sugar cookie recipe. In desperation I did a Google search and I found this recipe on titled Easy Sugar Cookies that I felt was worth a try. I did it and I found that it worked perfectly. I made two batches of cookies one evening, put it in the refrigerator then spent another evening rolling the dough out, cutting them into shapes using the cookie cutters, then baked them. Here is a photo of the cookies after I finished making them.


I found the cookies very delicious and the people whom I gave the cookies to loved them as well. I’ve copied the recipe into my own personal recipe file so I’ll have it on hand the next time I feel like making sugar cookies.

I know it’s pretty late in the Christmas season for me to write about making sugar cookies but given the fact that I’ve seen cookie cutters for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and other holidays, I now know that making sugar cookies isn’t just relegated to Christmas anymore (unlike when I was growing up when I only saw sugar cookies at Christmas). I highly recommend getting the recipe right here.

The only thing I would add that the recipe doesn’t mention is this: If you plan on using cookie cutters, I strongly recommend putting the dough in the refrigerator for at least one or two hours before you begin using the rolling pin and cookie cutters. That’s because the freshly made dough tends to be a bit on the soft and sticky side and putting it in the refrigeration makes the dough stiff enough to withstand going through the rolling pin and cookie cutter.

Otherwise, check out the recipe and have fun baking! 🙂