Santa Claus

I first wrote about the house located on Lastner Lane in Greenbelt, Maryland in this blog in 2012 because it was so decorated that it definitely stood out from the other houses on that street at Christmas. Two years later I noticed that the homeowners had added more decorations and my comparisons between the newer photos and the 2012 ones confirmed my perception so I wrote another blog post reflecting that fact.

In 2016 I noticed that the owners had added giant snowflakes on the roof along with an igloo and a few other lit sculptures so I decided to take a few new photographs for posterity.



With the addition of so many animated lit sculptures and flashing lights, I decided to shoot this short video documenting it.

I also shot the outside of St. Hugh’s Church, which is located on Crescent Road in Greenbelt, because I really liked how it did its lights this year.


The last photo shows a nice looking nativity scene that’s surrounded by hay, fresh pine needles, and strings of white lights.