Yesterday I received a message from NBC4 in Washington, DC asking for permission to use footage from a video that I shot and uploaded six years ago. I was surprised and flattered that a local television news station wanted to use something that I shot a long time ago.

I gave my consent but the station didn’t use my video. (I think I may have given my consent past the station’s deadline.) I found out that there was a sad reason why NBC4 was so interested in my six-year-old video.

There was a house in Lanham, Maryland that had become well-known for putting up a lot of Christmas decorations and the family had been doing this for years. In 2010 I shot footage of not only that house but another house located across the street that was also heavily decorated (except that second house focused more on inflatable decorations). Not long after shooting that video, I wrote my very first blog post about that house. The following year my husband and I spent a portion of our last Christmas together checking out that house right on Christmas Day itself after sunset. (Three days later he would abruptly leave me for that seriously mentally ill friend of ours and he married her just two months after our divorce was final.) I wrote more about that house and I included still photos as well back in 2012. Two years later I wrote about the same house except I also included photographs of what that house looked like in the daytime as well.

This year the owners decided not to put up their over-the-top Christmas display. As NBC4 reported, it’s because one of the owners, Ted Adelman, was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and he didn’t feel healthy enough to go through the time and effort required to put on the annual Christmas display. Adelman assured everyone that the Christmas lights will return in 2017.

I can understand why he and his wife decided not to do the decorations but I’m still sad nonetheless. I hope Ted Adelman is able to recover enough from his cancer so he can continue to totally deck his home for many Christmases to come.

In the meantime, for anyone who’s missing the Adelmans’ annual Christmas display or for those wondering what the fuss is about, here is my original video that I shot in 2010 (which includes footage of the neighbor across the street with the giant inflatable Christmas decorations on the front lawn).

UPDATE (July 5, 2017): Ted Adelman has died.

UPDATE (December 26, 2017): I drove by the house on Christmas Day to see if his family would continue the oversized Christmas decoration tradition since Ted Adelman is now deceased. I took pictures that not only showed the house not having any lights but the family have also decided to put the house up for sale, which means that the Adelman family’s Christmas tradition on Good Luck Road in Lanham, Maryland is now only a memory.