Not too long ago I went to Starbucks where I ordered the Peppermint Hot Chocolate (which is only available this time of the year). I had it served in this coffee cup that, for some reason, has created controversy and led to this media uproar that you can read about herehere, and here.

The whole uproar is totally asinine. If your personal religious faith is so weak that you’re willing to let the design of a stupid coffee cup that’s served by a corporate chain affect the way you will celebrate the upcoming winter holidays then both you and your personal religious faith are totally pathetic. This is what the “shockingly controversial” Starbucks coffee cup currently looks like.

When you first get your cup, it’s served with the usual cardboard sleeve that has the Starbucks logo.


Remove the sleeve and you’ll see this really nice line drawing showing all kinds of people who are gathered together.


This crowd of line-drawn people spill out over the sides of the coffee cup.


Here’s the back of the coffee cup that have the notations where the barista marks the order.


Here’s another side view of the coffee cup showing the same large crowd of line-drawn people.


The door of the Starbucks shop features the same line drawing that’s on the coffee cup along with the message “Be good to each other.” How on earth could something like this be so controversial?!? This is insane!