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I recently gotten involved in a group that’s known as The Grange. This group originally started in rural areas and it’s still a big deal in small towns across the U.S. In recent years the Grange has been trying to expand to the suburban area and it was trying to start up a chapter in my neighborhood so I decided to check it out. So far I like the people and their positive attitude but I don’t know if it will take off or not. (It has only been in existence for about three or four months.) I’ve even offered to be Vice President of that chapter because they were desperate for volunteers.

Well, anyway, the last meeting was held last week and we decided to do some origami turkeys during that meeting. Someone had brought scrapbooking paper and I made this turkey.



I’m going to visit my mother at the Thanksgiving gathering in the home of one of my cousins later today and I’ll bring this turkey with me to give to her.

I also made something else for my mother and other relatives at today’s Thanksgiving gathering. I was in Five Below recently when I saw that they had two different types of edible house kits for sale. One was the traditional gingerbread house and the other was a Hershey’s chocolate house. I went for the latter because it was different from the usual gingerbread house. Since I bought it at Five Below, I paid only $5 for the kit.


Everything was included with the kit. There was even a small cake board included where I can display the house once I finished building it. The sides of the house were already baked so all I had to do was just assemble everything together using the included icing.


As I was unpacking the contents, I noticed that one of the larger sides of the house was already broken. I decided that this would be the back of the house.


I initially repaired that broken side with icing, which worked out okay. Then I followed the instructions when it came time to assembling the house together. I basically cut loose with the icing and the included candy embellishments (which included a small Hershey’s bar that could be broken into even smaller pieces, peppermint candy cane-flavored Hershey’s Kisses, a few pieces of Jolly Rancher candy, and some hard candies that resembled holly. I’ll admit that I have never attempted making anything like this before. (In the past I purchased already-made gingerbread houses from Safeway.) It was a such challenge trying to keep the walls up at times that I ended up putting this house in the refrigerator once I finished making it yesterday. Here’s the result, starting with the front of the house.


Here’s one of the sides. (Yes, I admit that my own version looks nothing like the house that’s pictured on the box.)


Here’s the back of the house. If you look close enough you could see the repaired break.


Last, but not least, here’s another side of the house.