This year Halloween fell on a Monday, which meant that there were a lot of Halloween celebrations the weekend before. I had recently gone to Savage Mill when I saw this sign announcing Adult Trick or Treat at Savage Mill on the Saturday before Halloween.


I was intrigued mainly because the last time I went trick or treating was when I was 13. I was in middle school at the time and I was having problems with bullies plus the girl whom I thought was my best friend decided to side with the bullies so I decided to end that friendship. (I run into her once every several years and she tries to be friendly but I tend to cut her overtures short because she had never attempted to apologize for her appalling abandonment of me in middle school. The last time I saw her was at Artscape a couple of years ago, which prompted my rant Two Bitches From Hell.) I remember I went on my own that last year but I didn’t have as much fun as previous years. While I still liked getting candy, the thrill was basically gone for me. The following year, when I was a high school freshman, I stayed home and helped give out candy to the trick or treaters who arrived at our place instead of dressing up in costume and going out myself. I did this all through my high school years. When I was at the University of Maryland I basically went to a few on campus Halloween parties. After I got married I resumed my annual tradition of giving treats out to the kids and I continued even after my divorce.

Since this event was billed as an adult trick or treat event, I thought it would be cool to try trick or treating again for old time’s sake.

My church had scheduled a Halloween dance on the same night and I already purchased a ticket but it was’t scheduled to start until 8 and the Savage Mill event started at 6 so I was able to do both. I pulled out my Rainbow Dash hoodie for that night while I wore a Rainbow Dash shirt underneath. Here are a few selfies I took.





About that Rainbow Dash bag in that last photo, I found it at Five Below for only 99 cents.


I arrived to Savage Mill a little bit early where I ate a light dinner of a hot dog, potato chips, and a diet soda. I also killed time walking around Savage Mill where I took these photos.







The Adult Trick or Treat began in earnest. The idea was to go from store to store. Except some of the stores either didn’t participate at all or they closed at the usual 6 p.m. closing time. There were whole wings of Savage Mill that were eerily empty, such as the photo below.


I would go to a participating store, say “Trick or Treat” and the store clerk would point to an area where the store had set out free refreshments. One of the store clerks admitted to me that this was the first year that Savage Mill had attempted something like this. I took a few photos of what some of the stores offered.




I saw a few adults wear costumes that were more elaborate than my simple hoodie.



The one store that had the most action was Family Game Store, a locally owned store that specializes in board games for the entire family. That store was holding its 11th anniversary that weekend, which included free cake.


Family Game Store was the one store that had the most people and many of them were in costume.






The cake they served resembled a crossword puzzle (or maybe a Scrabble board).


I tried a slice of the cake and I found it to be very delicious.


The Adult Trick or Treating was scheduled to end at 9 p.m. with more of the pre-Halloween festivities being held at Ram’s Head. I basically left around 7:30 since my church’s Halloween dance was scheduled to begin at 8. As I was leaving I saw a group gathering for one of its Ghost Tours, which is a series of weekly walking tours that Savage Mill is currently holding on weekend nights through the first weekend in December.