I have a friend who’s swearing that if I start doing video book reviews that I would get more attention, build myself and my reputation into a “brand,” and would ultimately lead to better job offers. So far I haven’t gotten much attention but I’m still new at this. I’ve done two video book reviews, a video opinion on why lowering the voting age to 16 is a good idea (which that same friend urged me to make), and a video where I noticed that a local shopping mall started playing Christmas music the day after Halloween and it was really weird hearing it when I was standing in front of a haunted house with a large cutout of Chucky the killer doll from the Child’s Play movies.

My friend had even suggested that I make a video opinion based on this story about how some researchers have discovered that dogs can sniff a variety of things including certain cancer cells in humans. Unfortunately I can’t think of anything to say in a video other than it sounds like fascinating research and that video would last maybe 10-15 seconds. It’s not really news that dogs have a keen sense of smell to anyone who has ever lived with dogs (including myself).

I managed to check a couple of books out of the local library recently and I’ve reviewed one of them, It’s Your Move by Josh Altman. (Altman is one of the stars on Bravo’s reality TV show Million Dollar Listing.) Even though I had never seen a single episode of Million Dollar Listing, I basically liked this book and the video explains why.