Yes I’ve written in the past about how I decided to cast my vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party. I had no illusion that she would win. I was hoping that she would get at least 5% of the votes so the Greens could get federal funding and actually build a real political party complete with Green candidates running for state and local elections. I was hoping that, further down the road, there would eventually be a real political alternative to both Democrats and Republicans. The main reason why I decided on Stein is that I really disliked both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and I felt that the Green Party platform was the one that best resonated with me and my personal values.

Ever since Election Day I’ve been reading messages on social media where people are blaming Jill Stein’s supporters for Clinton’s defeat. The argument is that Jill Stein had siphoned voters away from Hillary Clinton and Clinton would’ve won had Stein not continued with her campaign all the way to Election Day.

The only thing wrong with that argument is that it’s false. Pointing the blame finger at Jill Stein voters like myself is the wrong thing to do, especially since Stein ended up getting only 1% of the vote, which means that the Green Party won’t get federal funds after all. You are barking up the wrong tree when you blame Jill Stein voters for President Donald Trump.

So don’t you DARE blame Jill Stein voters for the Tuesday night debacle. If you need to blame someone, blame the fact that the Democratic National Committee decided to ignore polls that consistently said that Bernie Sanders was the one candidate who could defeat Donald Trump and went to great lengths—both legal and illegal—to make sure that their chosen one, Hillary Clinton, got the nomination instead. I wrote at length about this yesterday so I’m not going to elaborate any further but I highly recommend reading this article, which fully documents the extent of the corruption within the DNC.

Blame the fact that Hillary Clinton has long been considered to be one of the most detested politicians for reasons that have less to do with sexism and more for the fact that she and her husband Bill have been involved in one scandal after another. It’s no wonder voters decided that they would rather take their chances on a celebrity who has never held public office before than someone with a long history of corruption.

Blame the fact that Hillary Clinton was a lackluster campaigner (which I also wrote about yesterday) who felt that she could just coast on name recognition and the fact that she’s a woman to get women voters to automatically vote for her because she would be the first female president. This morning I read this Guardian article about how many Donald Trump voters were women who voted for him despite his infamous “grab them by the pussy” comment and the numerous sexual assault allegations against him because they simply did not like Clinton.

Blame the fact that Hillary Clinton got more of the popular vote than Donald Trump but, thanks to the outdated Electoral College that was put in place by the original Founding Fathers to prevent rule by popular vote, Donald Trump got more of the electoral votes so he reached that mythical 270 electoral votes that he needed to win. (Personally I think the Electoral College needs to go the way of the dodo bird in favor of a straight popular vote but that’s another rant altogether.)

Blame the fact that Donald Trump (along with Bernie Sanders) was among the few candidates who actually talked about jobs leaving the United States and being shipped to Third World countries and he even said that he was against the proposed TPP. That resonated among workers who are still angry that Hillary’s husband and former President Bill Clinton had signed NAFTA, which accelerated these jobs being shipped overseas, and the fact that Hillary had selected as her vice president, Tim Kaine, who is pro-TPP (which as been described as “NAFTA on Steroids”).

Blame the fact that, sadly, there are still plenty of white racists whom Donald Trump catered to by talking about Mexican rapists, the threat of taco trucks being parked on every street corner, and Islamic terrorists. These white racists are willing to blame non-white immigrants for the bad economy instead of corporations outsourcing jobs overseas and Wall Street people tanking the economy back in 2008 and they were willing to vote for a man with a history of multiple bankruptcies because he literally spoke their language.

Blame the fact that people are weary of political nepotism after recent memories of suffering through eight years of George W. Bush (the son of President George H.W. Bush) and they simply did not wish to vote for the wife of a former president.

Blame the fact that 46% of eligible voters didn’t even bother to vote this year.

Blame the corporate-owned mainstream media, which did shenanigans like the Associated Press declaring that Hillary Clinton was already the Democratic nominee just hours before the primary polls opened in California and the rest of the media widely circulated that AP story, which literally discouraged would-be Sanders voters from even bothering with voting. If that weren’t enough, the corporate-owned mainstream media was so dazzled by Donald Trump that they literally gave him more free air time than all of the other candidates combined (including Republicans, Democrats, and third parties) while not questioning some of the more problematic parts of his campaign pledges (such as building a wall along the border with Mexico and forcing Mexico to pay for it). The media treated Donald Trump’s campaign like it was some kind of extra-special extended episode of The Apprentice at the expense of actually providing serious coverage (including a deep discussion of the issues) so voters would be informed enough to vote for a candidate based on the issues instead of being a big celebrity. Jeff Jarvis discusses the media’s complicity in elevating Donald Trump from fringe candidate to president in this article, which I recommend reading.

You can blame any or all of the above for the election of President Donald Trump. But don’t you DARE blame Jill Stein voters for Hillary Clinton’s defeat.