A few days ago I made what I thought was a funny video where I had a Talking Donald Trump Action Figure (which I originally gave my then-husband as a gag gift years ago during either the first or second season of The Apprentice) stand in front of the mirror. I activated his talking button a few times while I filmed it with a smartphone. Then I brought it into iMovie where I edited it to make it look like the action figure was talking to his reflection as he said stuff like “I have no choice but to tell you ‘You’re fired!’”, “You really think you’re a good leader. I don’t!”, and “I should fire myself just for having you around. This one’s easy for me: You’re fired!”

I was inspired to make it because I read polls that said that it would be a close race but Hillary Clinton would ultimately emerge as a victor. It didn’t take long to make and I edited the video down to less than a minute. My original plan for Election Night after the polls closed was to go to the local movie theater with my laptop, which was providing free admission to its PBS broadcast of the election results on the big screen around 9 p.m., watch the proceedings for about an hour or so, wait until Hillary was so far ahead in the electoral results that there was no way that The Donald could ever win, then run outside to the STEM center located next door (which would’ve been closed for the day but it offers free wifi 24 hours a day), sit at one of the outdoor tables, brave the dark November cold as I upload that video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, then head home.

As I watched the proceedings and saw that Trump was ahead and stayed ahead, I knew that there was no way that I could upload that video last night. I would’ve risked having that video being the modern-day online equivalent of the infamous “Dewey Defeats Truman” photo and I would’ve ended up being a total laughingstock online. (And that’s not to mention that I probably would’ve been attacked online by pro-Trump trolls that would be way similar to the Gamergate incident.) I just sat there in the theater and watched as Trump raced ahead only to have Clinton make some gains but they weren’t enough to pass him. It was so surreal to see. I remember the audience laughed when one of the PBS anchors announced that a website set up by the Canadian government on how to legally emigrate to Canada had crashed.

Unfortunately there were a few states that were still up in the air when the theater cut off the broadcast around midnight and announced that they were closing.

So I went straight home after midnight. I was finishing doing the last bit of laundry when I made the mistake of getting on Facebook and I read all kinds of posts from people who were expressing all kinds of drama stemming from the election results. As a result of reading all those posts, I didn’t get to bed until it was nearly 1:30 in the morning.

As I went to sleep I still had hope that Hillary Clinton would’ve barely won and I could still upload that video. But then I turned on my smartphone and saw all of those push notifications that we now have a President Trump and I knew right then that there is no way that video I made could ever see the light of day. My only consolation is that I didn’t put too much work into it, I made it pretty quickly, and it was a short 59-second video. I ended up deleting that video.

I’ve been reading Facebook and Twitter and I’ve seen all sorts of finger-pointing being made. I’m going to briefly give my opinions as to why I feel that Hillary Clinton deserved to lose and the Democratic National Committee brought this upon themselves.

1. Every single poll that was made during the primaries said that Bernie Sanders was the one candidate who had the best chance of defeating Donald Trump. Despite that, the DNC, under Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s leadership, was determined to make Hillary Clinton the nominee against the will of the voters. Debbie Wasserman Schultz did all sorts of things like cutting the number of debates and scheduling them at odd times (such as one that took place just days before Christmas). There were reports of voter irregularities in a number of state primaries as well as the hiring of professional trolls who wrote pro-Hillary comments on social media and picked fights with anyone who disagreed with Hillary for any reason. The DNC went through great lengths to make Hillary Clinton the nominee and shove her down the voters’ throats only to have it blow up in their faces. If Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the coach of a professional sports team who kept on fielding the weakest player in a game instead of the best player and, as a result, the team kept on losing game after game, she would’ve been fired by the higher-ups.

2. Hillary Clinton was a lackluster campaigner. After she got the nomination she kept on saying that people should vote for her because she’s not Trump. During the first debate that I saw, she kept on saying that people should go online and view her website for details about her policy positions. I can’t even recall an instance where she said what she would do for the American people if she got elected in terms of what programs she would like to implement or how she would help marginalized groups. Consider this: a presidential debate is basically like a job interview on steroids. You have to sell yourself on what you can do for the company that’s hiring and how they can benefit from your experience and expertise. Except the “company” in question is the United States of America and the people doing the “hiring” are the voters. If I was in a job interview where I only told the interviewer that he/she should go online to look at this blog (which you’re currently viewing) if he/she wants to learn more about me and I deserve to get the job because I’m not like the other candidates who are also vying for that same job, I would’ve been eliminated immediately.

3. Hillary Clinton’s past came back to not only haunt her but to also bite her in her pantsuited ass. It wasn’t just Benghazi or Whitewater or overlooking her husband’s affair with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. It was also her past comments like how people of color needed to be “brought to heel” that she never explained, repudiated, or even apologized for—thus alienating her from potential voters.

4. Hillary Clinton ignored the plight of working class voters who saw their jobs getting shipped to Mexico, China, and other Third World countries as a result of her husband’s pro-NAFTA policies. I saw the pro-Hillary people say on social media that it’s not fair to bring up her husband’s policies while he was president because he wasn’t running for office in 2016. Granted that’s true but it’s also true that Hillary Clinton was married to Bill Clinton while he signed NAFTA and not once did she say anything on the campaign trail where she indicated that she now regrets what her husband did or even if she would pursue any policies that would bring well-paying jobs back to the U.S. and/or provide training or funding that would lead to the creation of new industries that would provide new jobs for the working class. Donald Trump reached out to those disaffected working class voters and that’s why they voted for him.

5. Hillary Clinton remains one of the most detested politicians in the U.S. The late political blogger Steve Gilliard said this back in 2007 and it remains true today. She seemed to either have no realization that people really dislike her so much or she refused to face that fact. Nor did she do anything to address what she could do to reach out to those voters who are turned off by her. Her supporters say that it’s due to sexism and I know that it’s true to a certain extent. But she is disliked in ways that other female Democratic politicians simply aren’t (such as Tulsi Gabbard and Tammy Duckworth) and a lot of it is due to the numerous scandals that have swirled constantly around her and Bill for decades.

6. Hillary Clinton lost the 2008 primaries to Barack Obama but she was undeterred by that loss because she was so determined to become the first woman president at all costs. She got her friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz to use her DNC chair job to do whatever it took to give her the nomination. If those persistent rumors that Bill Clinton had asked his friend Donald Trump to run as a Republican in an effort to throw the election to Hillary are true, then she deserved to lose. (While those rumors can’t be 100% confirmed, this leaked email confirmed that the Clintons were hoping to cultivate so-called “Pied Piper candidates” who would run as Republicans, inflict damage to the Republican Party while encouraging voters to choose Hillary Clinton instead. The only silver lining to yesterday’s election is that this “Pied Piper” strategy literally blew up in Hillary Clinton’s face.)

7. There were the really expensive fundraising dinners held at the homes of rich people, such as the one that was held by George and Amal Clooney at the home of venture capitalist Sherwin Pishevar, that she attended that only further alienated the less deep-pocketed 99% and led them to believe that they matter less to her because they aren’t rich.

8. She could’ve reached out to dissatisfied Bernie Sanders voters by giving the vice president slot to either Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Instead she gave that slot to Tim Kaine, who is pro-TPP, which has not only alienated Sanders supporters but also working class people whose jobs have been lost due to NAFTA and the TPP promises to deliver more of the same. (The TPP has been described as “NAFTA on steroids”.)

9. There are her close ties to Wall Street, including those who tanked the economy in 2008. I remember during one of the Democratic debates against Bernie Sanders, while Sanders said that he would actively prosecute those Wall Streeters who were instrumental in tanking the economy, Hillary Clinton only said that she would simply tell them to “cut it out.” The fact that she had refused to make her paid speeches to Goldman-Sachs public made a lot of people wonder if she had something to hide.

10. Then there is the issue of nepotism. Last year I wrote about why the media’s clamoring for a rematch of the 1992 Bush vs. Clinton election was bad for American democracy because it favored only people who were related to a former president, cuts out a lot of other very capable people who would’ve made good presidents because they aren’t related to a former or current president, and it’s bad overall for democracy. The American people had already gone through dealing with the son of a former president (George W. Bush) who was a major disaster in many ways and they were asked to elect the wife of a former president (Bill Clinton) who has a history of scandals. It’s no wonder why so many Americans said “Thanks, but no thanks” and decided that they’d rather take their chances on a rich celebrity with a history of multiple bankruptcies who has never held public office before and who is not related to a president.

In a nutshell, the DNC and Hillary Clinton had no one to blame but themselves for this debacle. It’s the main reason why I don’t regret joining the #DEMEXIT movement and I’m now registered as an independent.

The stock markets all over the world are going down because of the election of President Donald Trump. (Oh, man, I have to get used to saying it. Ugh!) The weather outside is raining as I’m typing this the day after Election Day. Sometimes it feels like they are tears from heaven over what happened. Tonight my Unitarian Universalist congregation is holding a special meeting for people to express what the hell happened last night and how we as a community could respond to it. I’m going to go mainly because I feel this need to commiserate with other people right now.