One day after the most decisive election in recent memory has been held, I feel that posting these photos of a very cute dog will serve as a perfect palate cleanser to the all of the outrageous vitriol that has been spewed for all these months.

Last month I went to a board games meetup that was held in someone’s home located in my neighborhood. I had a good time as I met new people and played some board games I’ve never played before, including one whose gameplay was contingent on downloading this smartphone app. (I’ll admit that playing board games with an associated smartphone app is a new one for me. I grew up playing technology-free board games like Candyland, Uncle Wiggly, Scrabble, Monopoly, Yahtzee, and The Game of Life.)

The event hostess had a small dog who was very cute and very friendly. At one point this dog wanted me to hold her in my lap. Here are a few pictures I shot of this dog while she was sitting in my lap.




After sitting in my lap for a while the dog indicated that she wanted down so I put her down. At the end of the evening, when I was getting my purse that I left on a sofa, the dog was lying next to my purse. She took one look at me and she rolled over on her back exposing her belly and indicated that she wanted a belly rub from me. That’s a sign that this dog trusted me enough to roll over on her back in the first place.