Today is finally Election Day. The polling places are still open as of this writing so I won’t know who will be the next president until either later tonight or tomorrow morning. In the meantime I’d like to show off what I wore to the voting booth today.

Back when George W. Bush was president (and before he won re-election against John Kerry) I bought this t-shirt at the Disney Store during the 2004 elections. Ever since then I generally wear this shirt only on Election Day, which is why this t-shirt is still in pretty good condition.


Here are a few selfies I took of myself wearing that shirt before I went to the polling place.



Actually the weather was relatively mild for early November so I was able to get away with wearing only the t-shirt until sunset when the weather turned a few degrees colder.

Here is the sticker in English and Spanish I got after I voted and I put on my t-shirt.