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This is the third part of a four-part series on how to customize a Barbie doll (especially the Made to Move Barbies) into the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Marvel Comics’ off-beat superhero who has gained a sizable following. The first video dealt with finding the right Barbie doll to customize into Squirrel Girl while the second dealt with changing her hairstyle in order to resemble Squirrel Girl’s very short light red/strawberry blonde hair. This video gets into the real heart of this tutorial as it focuses on how to make the clothes. Here is a drawing of Squirrel Girl in her superhero costume.


I basically did a lot of searching for patterns and fabrics that would be appropriate for replicating that costume.  You can watch the video here. (I will put direct links to websites where you can get the patterns under the video.)

Free leotard pattern

Free tights pattern

McCall’s Pattern 8552 (This pattern isn’t free but you can shop around both online and in brick and mortar stores to find the best bargain.)

By the time this video ended, I finished about 80% of the work needed to convert Barbie into Squirrel Girl.


I still had more work to do but I was starting to make real progress with this doll while I was making the video.

That’s it for now. The next and final video will go into making her boots, making her headband, adding her tail, and even adding her squirrel companion, Tippy-Toe, so watch this blog.

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