Years ago, when I worked as a data entry clerk for a now-defunct computer reseller, my company used to have a Happy Hour event on late Friday afternoons where we employees would hang around the cafeteria, socialize, and drink some beer from a keg that the company rented. Sometimes there would be a theme like Elvis Presley’s birthday where one of the co-workers did a pretty credible imitation of The King. One Friday there was a Halloween theme because it was the Friday before Halloween and I think there was a drawing of some kind where employees won some freebies. My name was drawn and I was awarded this rubber bat that dangled from a stretchy string.

I started hanging the rubber bat outside on Halloween and I continued that tradition for many years after I got laid off from that company soon after it was taken over by another computer reseller (which ultimately closed down my old company after the merger was complete and I was among the first of many post-merger layoffs). I kept it up after my husband divorced me until 2014, when I found that someone had swiped that bat just a couple of weeks before Halloween.

So I went without a bat for the next couple of years until a few weeks ago when I happened to be shopping at JoAnn’s Fabrics & Crafts and I saw the the store not only got a shipment of Halloween crafts, fabrics, and decorations but it was also running a 40% off sale. I found a bat that was nearly identical to the stolen bat so I bought it for the sale price of $6.

Unlike my previous bat, this new bat feels like it’s made from a stiffer material than rubber. (It’s probably either vinyl or plastic.) And the string is a bit shorter than the string on my old bat. But it’s a pretty adequate substitute for my stolen bat.


Here is the bat after I freed it from the package.


Here is the underside of the bat.


One thing about the underside is that the bat’s serial number is printed in such a bright white color that one can easily see it from a distance.


Here’s the front of the bat, featuring the red eyes and opened mouth, which reveals white fangs.


I have the new bat currently hanging outside on the porch light.


When the porch light is lit at night, the bat and light together really creates a spooky effect.