I took these photos not too long ago. I took this photo at a railroad crossing in Riverdale Park, Maryland.

Passing Train

I shot this photo of a vintage toy train sharing shelf space with old books in a local bookstore.

Toy Train and Books

I found a special NFL Baltimore Ravens Beanie Baby at a local Safeway.

Baltimore Ravens Beanie Baby

I saw these Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump bobblehead dolls on sale at a local Safeway.

2016 Presidential Elections Bobblehead Dolls

I saw this lovely sunset over Route 50 on the way back from a job interview.

Sunset Over Route 50

I saw this on the floor at a local record store. It’s a unique way to recycle old vinyl records.

Vinyl Record Floor

A local pizza parlor in my area has recently gotten a couple of vintage arcade machines.

Vintage Arcade Machines

Here are some painted Halloween pumpkins and other gourds that I saw on sale at a local farmers market.

Painted Pumpkins and Gourds

Painted Pumpkins and Gourds

I saw this blooming fall flower during one of my walks around the neighborhood.

Blooming Flower in the Fall

I saw a pair of turkeys of display at the Greenbelt Farmer’s Market this past Sunday.

A pair of turkeys at the Greenbelt Farmers Market.

A pair of turkeys at the Greenbelt Farmers Market.