A few weeks ago I mentioned that when I wasn’t spending my Labor Day holiday weekend at the annual Greenbelt Labor Day Festival, I was working on this tiny art canvas for an upcoming contest.


Carousel Horses at Night
Acrylic on canvas
3 inches x 3 inches
8 cm x 8 cm

I recently submitted it to the contest and it’s now on display at the local Artist & Craftsman Supply store in Hyattsville, Maryland along with the other entries. Here is a photo of all the entries.


Here’s a closeup of the row that includes my own canvas, which is known as number 9.


Here’s the voting forms and ballot box where the general public can vote for their favorite tiny canvas. Basically you vote according to the number.


So if you’re in the Washington, DC area and you really like my work, come by to the store and vote for artwork number 9. Here’s the store address:

Artist & Craftsman Supply
4902 43rd Avenue
Hyattsville, Maryland 20781
Phone: (301) 887-1104 or (844) 784-1104
Email: cpkmd@artistcraftsman.com

Voting will end on October 1 so please don’t delay. Get out to the store and vote today!

UPDATE (October 3, 2016): I got my canvas back today. While I got a few votes, I didn’t win. That’s too bad because the grand prize would’ve been a $25 gift certificate that I could’ve used at that store to buy more art and craft supplies. Oh well.