Yesterday I wrote this long post explaining why I have left the Democrat Party and have changed my registration to Independent. I posted it just a few hours before the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I no longer have cable (mainly because Comcast had gradually raised my rates from an affordable $75 per month to $200 per month even though I watched mostly the basic channels and I never did pay-per-view) and I haven’t gotten around to buying rabbit ears for my TV so I can watch regular television. (These days I only use my TV to play console games and watch DVDs.) I wasn’t going to bother with watching the debate until I learned that the local neighborhood movie theater decided to show the debate on the big screen with free admission. So I walked to the theater to check it out. The theater was initially streaming CNN until the picture went dark due to some kind of technical difficulty. The theater switched to getting its stream from MSNBC. In some weird way this technical glitch was just a harbinger of things to come.

It turned out to be the worst debate I’ve ever watched in my life. Hillary Clinton was spouting off her positions while saying that she’s not Trump. She kept on saying that people need to go to her website to learn her policies while being vague as to what her policies were. What’s worse is that she debated with all the enthusiasm of a patient getting a root canal while showing absolutely zero passion.

And then there was would-be Fascist Buffoon Donald Trump who had this perpetual scowl on his face. It was like the man was incapable of smiling. He constantly interrupted Hillary Clinton while she was talking. He would periodically gulp water while he glared at Clinton.

What’s more the audience in the movie theater where I was watching this debate were hooting and hollering like it was some pro-wrestling match. I became so disgusted by this farce of a debate that I left after 45 minutes and walked home.

I’ll admit that there were times when I felt heartened when both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump mentioned the plight of the workers in this country who are unemployed due to their jobs being outsourced overseas. But then I reminded myself that neither one had ever done anything to show their support for average workers like myself.

I’m also annoyed that this debate have left out the Green Party’s Jill Stein and the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson. While I personally prefer Stein over Johnson, they both should’ve been included in this debate out of the principle that hearing all points of view is good for a democracy. In fact I think it’s long overdue that this country should start including more political parties just like nearly every other democracy in the West but that’s another post altogether.

The only thing is that this debate has only strengthen my resolve to vote for Jill Stein in November. I know that she doesn’t have a huge chance of winning but I’m not only voting for her as a protest against both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but also the Green Party will qualify for general election public funding if Jill Stein receives at least 5% of the votes. That means that there’s a potential for a real alternative to both Democrats and Republicans at the ballot box in future elections and I heartily favor that.

Getting back to last night’s debate, I took some pictures with my smartphone that says it all about how awful it was. It was literally Fascist Buffoon vs. Dragon Lady and it was a total disgrace to American democracy.