Free Tutorials

Check out this free tutorial on how to make crocheted hearts in a continuous chain. This is great for making jewelry or as a border for an afghan or even as something one can attach to the hemline of a dress or jacket.

Here’s another free crochet tutorial on how to crochet tulip stitches.

Are you an art newbie who wants to learn how to draw and/or paint or are you someone who wants to brush up on those skills yet can’t afford to buy how-to books or take any formal art classes? The Art is Fun site has free drawing and painting lessons that you can follow along while creating your own works of art.

Here’s a free tutorial on how to make your own fairy house using recycled plastic bottles, stones, and grout.

Miscellaneous Links

For generations many young people have been dissuaded from pursuing a career in the creative field because of the frequent stereotype of the “starving artist” who stands on street corners doing drawings or singing or poetry reading while panhandling for cash. This essay on Why I will never be a starving artist shows an alternative way of living where one can still have a creative career while not living in poverty.

And, speaking of starving artists, there is the disturbing trend of more companies expecting artists, writers, photographers, and programmers to work for them for either free or for extremely low pay while justifying this by saying that the would be creative person is getting exposure that will translate into a well-paying job somewhere else. If you are considering doing a few months of unpaid work for such a company, this chart will help you decide whether to take this unpaid opportunity in the hopes of getting more exposure for your work.

The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore has not only digitized its extensive art collection but it has also made them free for anyone to download and use.

Many of us have heard about or are familiar with that one person who is a ne’er do well. From an early age this person constantly keeps on making the wrong decisions that results in that person living in poverty and staying there. The Atlantic magazine’s website has this interesting article on Your Brain on Poverty: Why Poor People Seem to Make Bad Decisions that brings a perspective that most people don’t even consider when they wag their fingers at poor people and admonish them for what seems to be, on the surface, making a series of poor life choices.

Meet Naomi Parker-Fraley, a 95-year-old woman who served as the original inspiration for the iconic Rosie the Riveter poster from World War II.

When I first started on the Internet a number of years ago, The Onion was the one site that was satiric in nature and had gotten a lot of attention for its hilarious fake news stories. Nowadays there are so many fake news sites out there that get shared on social media that it’s impossible to tell which ones are genuine news sites, which ones are parodies, and which ones are propaganda sites that are very heavily one-sided. This rumor-busting site, Real or Satire?, can easily solve for you which sites you can trust. The next time you get some link from your Aunt Mildred on Facebook from a site claiming that Donald Trump is really the biological father of Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, you can just copy the URL into its form and it’ll tell you whether to trust that link as fact or not.