I had decided to donate this painting I did of my late mother-in-law’s dog, Jay-Jay, to this fundraising event that was being held at the Escape Artists Gallery in Baltimore where all the proceeds were going towards helping the victims of the recent flood in Ellicott City.


When I learned that the gallery was located near the Walters Art Museum, I thought about arriving early so I could check out that museum for an hour or two then go over to the other place and drop off my paining. Unfortunately there was this major accident on I-95 North that caused such a huge traffic backup that it took me nearly two hours to arrive at my final destination. By that point I arrived only 30 minutes before the Walters’ official closing time so I decided to skip it on this trip. Instead I walked around the area taking photos on the way to and from the gallery, starting with this nice mural.


A.T. Jones & Sons is a costume shop that specializes in clothes for theatrical productions. This store is also known for the giant clown heads in its windows.


It was raining that day. You can tell by the wet streets and gray clouds.


The next few photos are of the historic First & Franklin Presbyterian Church, which is currently celebrating its 250th anniversary.




Here’s a statue of John Eager Howard in the foreground and the Washington Monument in the background.



Here are some more shots of the Washington Monument.







Near the Washington Monument is this statue of Roger Taney, who was the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court who is now remembered for being the one who wrote the majority opinion in the notorious Dred Scott v. Sanford case.


Here’s the Maryland Historical Society building featuring a giant statue of Nipper the RCA dog next to his gramophone.


Hohschild Kohn’s used to be a regional chain of department stores and I remember it was among my mother’s second-favorite store to shop in when I was growing up. (Her favorite department store was the now-defunct Hutzler’s.) Hohschild Kohn’s went out of business in 1983 but the building bearing its name still remains.


The Mt. Vernon Marketplace now occupies the former Hohschild Kohn building and it’s a pretty upscale-looking market. It’s the first market I’ve ever been in that has a ping pong table that anyone can use.







Next to the Escape Artists Gallery, where the fundraising art show was held, is this window that mentions the names of a law firm, a money lending company, and a charitable foundation. It also has this life-sized statue of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fame.



The Escape Artists Gallery itself is located above a Subway.


After I dropped off my painting I took the light rail out of the city where it went past the Baltimore Convention Center. The annual Otakon anime convention was being held that weekend. I haven’t been to Otakon since 2013 (which you can read about here, here, here, here, and here). This year is the last year that Otakon will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center mainly because it has become so large that it has literally outgrown that building. Next year’s Otakon will be held at the Washington Convention Center in DC. Since Otakon will be closer to where I live, I may even check it out if I have the time and I can afford it.