I can remember back in the 1990’s when there was this trend towards clear products. There were clear dishwashing liquid, clear underarm deodorant, and other clear stuff. All this emphasis on “clear” products was basically a marketing ploy—there was really no difference in quality between using clear transparent deodorant and the usual white-colored deodorant.

At one point Pepsi came out with its clear version of its main product known as Crystal Pepsi. I remember buying the Diet Crystal Pepsi for myself and my then-husband and serving it with dinner. Neither one of us liked it. I remember it had this awful aftertaste. In fact, nearly everyone I knew at the time who admitted tasting Crystal Pepsi said that they hated the taste. I did not find a single person who admitted that he/she loved Crystal Pepsi. At one point I was shopping at a local grocery store where someone was giving away free tiny cup samples of Crystal Pepsi and I turned that offer down. I saw other people turning down the free samples as well.

In time Crystal Pepsi was taken off store shelves because it was such a flop. I thought that Crystal Pepsi would be one of those products that were consigned to the dustbin of history until recently, when I saw that they had made a return to the store shelves.

Crystal Pepsi

I haven’t tried it as of this writing and I’m not inclined to try it unless the rerelease turns out to be a huge hit that I’ll buy a small bottle to see if Pepsi had improved its recipe since its disastrous 1990’s release.