American Flag

I can’t believe that it’s been 15 years since I saw those deadly attacks live on TV. I’m at the point where I no longer constantly think about the Twin Towers coming down on a daily basis but I’ll never completely forget what I saw that day. Right now I’m more obsessed with trying to survive a tough unforgiving economy where more people are either out of work or underemployed and fewer places are hiring. These days I’m not worried about Al Qaeda or ISIL/ISIS attacking the U.S. because I feel that the next American downfall will be self-inflicted by the likes of Wall Street, Big Oil, and Big Pharma. Right now, as I’m typing this, there’s a standoff in North Dakota because the Native American tribes object to a pipeline being built through their graveyards and possibly poisoning the water supply as a byproduct. The mainstream media has mostly ignored this so I’m learning about all of the details on Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile some crass capitalist assholes are using what should be a solemn occasion of remembrance to sell all kinds of crap. First there was this Walmart in Florida, who decided to use the Twin Towers as a display to sell Coke products.

Then there was this craptacular ad selling mattresses, which unleashed a firestorm of criticism that was heard all around the world. Hell, I first learned about this ad on the BBC News site.

This kind of stuff pisses me off for a few reasons: 1) I live about 20 miles from the Pentagon, which was also hit on 9/11, and I was scared shitless when I saw national news coverage of the New York attacks get preempted by local news when they announced the Pentagon being hit, 2) my Unitarian Universalist congregation was used to stage a funeral for an entire family (which included a husband, wife, and their two daughters who were ages 8 and 3) who were on that plane which hit the Pentagon and there were fellow members of my congregation who knew that family well, 3) my ex-husband’s father and stepmother live in Manhattan and they were on that island when the Twin Towers fell (fortunately they didn’t decide to go to lower Manhattan that day or else they would’ve been caught up in this), and 4) my late mother-in-law’s closest friend who lived in lower Manhattan saw the Twin Towers fell from outside the window of her apartment. Soon after that event that friend, who had diabetes, stopped taking care of herself and she died from diabetes complications about a couple of years after 9/11.

It’s stuff like this that makes me ashamed of my fellow Americans. Here’s a palette cleanser courtesy of the U.S. Air Force featuring the U.S. Air Force Celtic Aire performing “There are No Words,” which was written an performed especially for this 15th anniversary.