I’m still trying to plug away at working on my sketchbook as often as possible, even though I’ve long since given up on trying to create a new drawing every single day because I’ve discovered that it’s simply not realistic with me, especially if I’m currently working on another creative project. At least I managed to complete two sketches this month. This first one I drew during this intense heatwave where the temperatures shot up to the upper 90’s and it became very humid.


This next one I was inspired to draw after attending this free event in downtown DC that wasn’t really all that it was cracked up to be. It was supposed to be an expo highlighting video games done by local programmers and it was also supposed to be a networking event. Sure, I expected people to play video games but since it was also billed as a chance to meet people and since it was being held in a local bar, I thought I would have a chance to talk to people. When I got there I saw more people being engrossed in playing video games than people actually schmoozing among each other. I saw tables full of people just looking at video screens while ignoring their neighbors next to them or across the table from them. It was such a bust for me because, personally, if all I really wanted to do was to stare at a computer screen playing video games, I would’ve stayed home instead of paying to ride the Metro to Farragut North then walk around the corner to the bar where the event was held. At least I have this drawing to remember that event by. (LOL!)