Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer in the United States and, for me, it means that I have two paintings that will be on display this weekend at two different art shows that are literally located on opposite ends of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

First is this art show in Baltimore that I’ve been participating in for the past few weeks in Baltimore with the proceeds from this show going to the victims of the recent Ellicott City flood. I have this acrylic painting currently on display.


Acrylic on canvas
9 inches x 12 inches
23 cm x 30 cm

The gallery is currently opened to the public from 4-7 p.m. every night but the show’s last day will be this Sunday, September 4 so don’t delay if you haven’t seen the show in person yet.

There will be a closing party tonight from 7-9 p.m. and I plan on being there so if you want to meet me in person, here’s your chance to do so. (I’m sorry for the short notice but I didn’t get word of this party until about two days ago plus I was distracted by my mother’s recent hospitalization for sepsis.)

Here’s the address for both the art show and tonight’s party:

The Escape Artists
827 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

For more information and directions, see the gallery’s website or Facebook page.

And for those of you who live closer to Washington, DC, I’ll have another painting at a show in this area.


My Little Pony
Acrylic on canvas
10 inches x 10 inches
25 cm x 25 cm

Yes, it’s fan art based on a popular television show. There’s a story behind why I decided to do this but I’m going to devote a separate blog post to this sometime in the near future because I want to focus on hyping the upcoming show. This painting will be on display at the Greenbelt Labor Day Art Show, which is held as part of the annual Greenbelt Labor Day Festival. The art show will be opened to the public on Saturday, September 3 from 1-6 p.m.; Sunday, September 4 from 1-6 p.m.; and Monday, September 5 from 12 noon-6 p.m.

What’s more, I will be serving guard duty at the art show this Saturday from 3-4 p.m. so if you happened to be in the area and want to meet me in person, here’s your chance to do so.

Here’s the address where this art show will take place:

Greenbelt Community Center
15 Crescent Road
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

For more information and directions, check out the festival’s website,¬†Facebook page, or Twitter account.