My mother will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. That’s great because she’ll be spending the Labor Day holiday weekend at home instead of in the hospital. I’m also happy as well because I was not looking forward to driving from outside of Washington, DC to Glen Burnie (where her hospital is located) during a major holiday weekend that tends to draw huge visitors who clog the highways even more than usual. So I’m happy.

I tried to make the best of that situation by going to Crabtowne USA while I was in the area. I ate lunch the first day I visited my mom while taking advantage of that restaurant’s $7.99 value meal menu that’s only in effect from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. from Monday-Friday. I only ate there once because it can still get expensive even with the value meal. But I mostly played the vintage pinball machines and arcade games that Crabtowne USA has become famous for in recent years.

I also visited some other places around Glen Burnie while I remembered the years I spent there from ages 5-19 (when I went to the University of Maryland at College Park) and for a 10-month period from 22-23 (when I got married). Even that got tiresome after a day or two because, to be honest, Glen Burnie isn’t exactly a tourist attraction. Glen Burnie’s biggest claim to fame is that an episode of the 1970’s TV series Movin’ On was shot there. There aren’t any memorials or museums or art galleries to visit other than what’s listed on (which I had already seen on previous trips).  I also didn’t look up any old friends and acquaintances who still lived there due to the fact that I have pretty much severed ties with the kids I grew up with because most of them looked down on me like I was subhuman and they used to call me “retarded,” which stuck with me throughout all of my school years and it discouraged most guys from asking me for a date.

So I was happy when I visited my mom today and I got word from her case manager that she will be sent home tomorrow. I can mostly rest easy for Labor Day while hoping that Hurricane Hermine, which is currently striking the Tampa-St. Petersburg area of Florida, goes nowhere near my area.