I currently have a lot going on in my life now. I’m presently doing a freelance project from home on behalf of a nonprofit group that I’m not going to get into because I’m sticking with my new blog policy of not writing about any ongoing projects that I’m still working on for other people until after that project is completed. (I had to enact it after I was working for a startup that insisted that I write blog posts in my own blog—which is the one that you’re currently reading—about its new product that it was trying to sell instead of the startup getting its own website or blogging account. You can read about how well it ultimately went in full detail.) Fortunately that nonprofit already has its own website, blog, and social media accounts so I won’t have to deal with telling anyone why I will refuse any requests to write any posts in this blog about that project until after it’s finished.

Recently I got a job lead through my support group for people who are separated or divorced about a temp agency needing to hire a bunch of file clerks for a big digitizing project that’s being done on behalf of the Veteran’s Administration. The job would be in Jessup but the interviews were being held in Glen Burnie. I managed to snag an interview for Monday, August 29 at 10 a.m. The night before that interview I got word that my mother had been admitted to the hospital yet again for sepsis. She’s currently in a hospital in Glen Burnie.

I ended up going through with the job interview but I packed a change of clothes to wear for going to the nearby hospital to visit my mother. At one point I was pulled over by a cop for having a busted taillight. Fortunately I left plenty of time for commuting so I was able to arrive for the 10 a.m. with only a minute to spare. I was among the applicants who were herded into a room for orientation about this job only to discover that it required standing nearly eight hours a day plus lifting 35 pounds at a time. With my hip replacement, I’m not sure if I could handle the physical requirements. The recruiter said that we were free to stay to interview with one of the other recruiters for other positions that the agency may get in the future. So I stayed a little while longer while filling out an application and chatting with one of the recruiters. The woman I spoke with didn’t have anything but she agreed to keep my application and resume on file in case something comes up.

After dealing with a cop and that job interview, I headed over to Crabtowne USA where I changed into shorts and a t-shirt in the women’s restroom. I ordered a crab cake sandwich, fries, and a Diet Coke through this $7.99 value meal menu that the restaurant only offers Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. After lunch I briefly played a couple of vintage video games and pinball machines then headed over to the nearby hospital to visit my mother.

Right now she’s doing okay but she frequently gets tired and there are times when she simply drifts off to sleep. I’ve been bringing my laptop with me so I could continue to do work for that nonprofit and do some web surfing whenever my mother falls asleep. (Hooray for the hospital’s free wi-fi!) I’m hoping that she’ll get released before the Labor Day holiday weekend because it would suck to be stuck there for the holidays. Plus I would have to deal with heavy holiday traffic since I’m currently commuting from just outside Washington, DC to Glen Burnie. On top of that the city of Greenbelt has its annual Labor Day Festival, which has its own area traffic snarls as people try to enter and compete for parking. (There is a free shuttle bus service with stops at various locations but a lot of people still prefer to drive their cars and park as close to the festival grounds as possible.)

The Escape Artists Gallery fundraiser for the Ellicott City flood victims is still going on but I haven’t checked out my painting in that show nor have I gotten word on whether it has been sold. I will get a chance to see my painting on display this Friday evening because the gallery is having a farewell party. (The show ends on September 4.) If my mother doesn’t get released from the hospital by then, my plan is to visit her first then go to the North Linthicum light rail and take that into Baltimore for the party. If she does get released then I’ll go into Baltimore earlier, spend some time at the Walters Art Museum (which is located near the Escape Artists Gallery and it has free admission), eat dinner at the Subway that’s located underneath the gallery then head into the party.

A few weeks ago I had prescheduled a few posts that will gradually go live over the next few days so I don’t really have to do much with this blog at the moment.

Right now I’m hoping that my mother gets well enough so she can be released from the hospital before the holiday weekend begins.