Even though I’ve gotten back into reading comic books over the last few years, I’m still very picky as to what I’ll buy mainly because each issue costs a whopping $3.99. (I can remember when comic books used to cost 25 cents but I was a child at the time. I got into reading them for a few years as a young adult when my then-fiancee who later became my ex-husband was a big comic book fan and they cost around 75 cents per issue then prices went up to $1 per issue before going even higher to$1.25 per issue. We stopped reading them as a married couple when prices shot up to $1.50 per issue. Now they are even more expensive than ever before.)  These days it would be so easy for me to drop $100 if I were to pick up every comic book with an intriguing cover that’s currently on sale so I have to limit myself very strictly.

I learned via Facebook that Third Eye Comics in Annapolis was having a comic book signing for this new comic book that has just released its first issue of a new comic book known as Kim & Kim. Since my real first name is Kim (short for Kimberly), I was attracted to that comic book based on just the name for the same reasons why I was previously attracted to the early 1980’s arcade game Space Ace (where the hero had to rescue a kidnapped woman named Kimberly) and the Disney Channel cartoon series Kim Possible.

Here’s a photo of the all-female team who is currently working on the Kim & Kim series: Magdalene “Mags” Visaggio (writer), Katy Rex (editor), Claudia Aguirre (colors), and Eva Cabrera (pencils and inks).


I introduced myself by my first name and they were pretty cool about it. They said that this comic book would be called Kim & Kim & Kim. Here is what my signed comic book looked like.


I really liked it so much that I decided to I purchase another copy of Kim & Kim #1 the following day so I could have a second copy just to read while shopping for a frame for the signed copy. I found this shadowbox frame on sale at A.C. Moore last week and it looks really good.


As for the comic book itself, the first issue seems promising. The two Kims are a team of bounty hunters in outer space and there is not only subtle lesbian hints but one of the Kims admitted that she’s transgender as well. Wow! Of course there’s plenty of action as well (meaning the kind of action one usually sees in comic books, not anything sexual). It’ll be interesting to see if it can maintain its momentum over the next several issues.


I took a few other photos at Third Eye Comics, including these interesting looking vinyl figurines.


Then there are these two vinyl figures based on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.