A few months ago this new free open source animation software known as OpenToonz received a lot of media attention mainly because it’s based on software that was used by Studio Ghibli in creating its feature-length anime hits like Spirited Away and Ponyo.  Getting free software based on software used by an major animation studio seems like a dream come true to budding animators everywhere, right? WRONG!!!

I had one of my friends talk me into downloading this turkey software. On top of it the local makerspace in my area, Makerspace 125, has been holding free animation workshops centered around OpenToonz. So I took the bait and I’m now sorry that I did.

The latest version for the Mac OS X (1.0.3) is riddled with bugs plus the normal “Quit” command is completely grayed out so one would have to use extreme methods of quitting that software (such as using “Force Quit”). On top of it, you can only export your animation as a series of still picture files. It does not even offer a video format! (At least Windows users can export it in .avi format.) So Mac users would have to use another video graphics software package that will allow them to put the still picture files together into one file and export that out as a standalone video file.

I’ve seen some pretty bad software in my time but I’ve never seen anything as bad as OpenToonz (especially with having the “Quit” function grayed out).

What’s even more frustrating is that I’ve tried telling a few like-minded friends who are really into open source software about how bad OpenToonz is but my concerns have fallen on deaf ears. Out of frustration I made this YouTube video mainly to warn other people, especially Mac users, to stay the hell away from OpenToonz. Unless you know of a budding animator whose dream you want to squash completely then, by all means, introduce him/her to OpenToonz, especially the Mac version. (LOL!)

UPDATE (August 14, 2016): OpenToonz has released version 1.1.1 and someone suggested that I give this new update a try. Well I tried it and here is one good thing about the upgrade: The “Quit” menu command is no longer grayed out so you can now quit that application in the same way that one can quit out of every other Mac application. The bad news: The Zoom tool still doesn’t work and the image still refuses to scale to a different size. Worse of all, the Mac version of OpenToonz still refuses to export as a standalone video file format. In short, OpenToonz still sucks and everyone, especially Mac users, should avoid this one like the plague.