I mentioned a few days ago about this horrendous flood that has devastated the historic section of Ellicott City. Five years ago I featured this vintage player piano that was located in one of the stores that have since been flooded. (I shot the video in 2009 before I started this blog and I wrote about it in 2011.) The player piano was located on the third floor of the store so I’m hoping that it wasn’t swept away by the water.

For those who are currently in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area who want to help the flood victims, there is a list of places that are holding benefit events for those who were caught in the flood in both Ellicott City and in the Woodbury area of Baltimore (another place that suffered similar devastating flooding). By the way, if you’re thinking about going to the historic area of Ellicott City to see for yourself how damaged it got, I have one thing to say—DON’T!!! That area is currently completely closed to everyone except for emergency personnel.