For months I have heard rumors that Donald Trump is waging a fake campaign in an effort to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House. At first I scoffed at this notion, especially since the evidence is all circumstantial (consisting of photos of Trump socializing with the Clintons at various public events). As time went on and I listened to the back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, those attacks on each other seemed staged and forced while lacking passion. I began to believe those rumors more and more.

I have to say that I am now 99% convinced that Donald Trump’s campaign is fake. Check out these two news stories from The Washington Post and The Wrap which has the GOP trying to make contingency plans in case Trump actually drops out of the race and there are all kinds of social media chatter about how Donald Trump plans on quitting soon.

This year’s election is definitely fixed from Donald Trump managing to use his celebrity status to bury all of his Republican rivals to Wikileaks proving that the DNC had conspired to make Hillary Clinton the nominee before the first primary was even held.