Yesterday I was in Takoma Park working on a project for a friend (it basically involved doing some extensive searches through the followers of certain Twitter accounts). It was very hot and humid outside while I was there but by the time I drove home it was raining. The driving wasn’t bad at first but then it became very harrowing towards the end when the skies literally opened up and it rained extremely hard. As I arrived in my neighborhood I saw the streets were covered with around a quarter inch of water. (Fortunately the water never rose higher than that.) I arrived home okay but my clothes were soaked all the way through despite the fact that I was using an umbrella to get from the car to the front door of my home.

At least I was okay. It was far worse in the historic district of Ellicott City. How bad did it get? Here are some videos that were just posted on YouTube earlier today.

This flood has devastated nearly every business that was operating in that area. The vast majority of these stores are locally owned instead of being part of some corporate chain and the majority of them are ruined. Today there is a state of emergency in that area and local officials are warning people to not even think about going to Ellicott City. In order to appreciate how devastating this flood really is, here are some pictures I took of the historic district when I was there on previous trips in 2014 and 2015.

Historic Ellicott City

Stone Building

Main Street

Main Street

Main Street

Outside of The Forget-Me-Not Factory

Main Street

Covered Steps, Patio, and Rock Garden




This link says that Ellicott City was hit with the type of rainfall that strikes once very millennium. Preservation Maryland is currently raising money to help those devastated by the flood. If you are able to do more than donate money, you can fill out this Historic Ellicott City: Ready to Serve form.