Those postings on the emails of the Democratic National Committee on Wikileaks’ servers has pretty much confirmed what many of us had long suspected—that the Democratic National Convention, under Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had been siding with Hillary Clinton from Day 1 of the primaries. From cutting back on the number of debates then scheduling them at odd times (such as the weekend before Christmas) to colluding with the mainstream media to provide more favorable coverage to Hillary Clinton to those persistent rumors that Donald Trump is really helping Hillary Clinton by running a fake campaign, it’s all there in the open now.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned from her position as chair of the Democratic National Committee only to have Hillary Clinton bring her aboard her campaign just hours later. It is now so obvious how close the two of them have colluded to go through great lengths to ensure that Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination even if they went through efforts that were either illegal, immoral, or both.

Right now I am very close to changing my voter registration from Democrat to Independent because I am thoroughly disgusted with the Democratic Party. I’m waiting until after the convention ends because Bernie Sanders’ name will be placed in nomination at the convention and I’m waiting to see the outcome of this.

All I know is this, if Hillary Clinton still gets the nomination, I will not only change my party affiliation but I will also vote for the Green Party because I refuse to vote for either Clinton or Donald Trump. It’s sad in a way because I once was sympathetic towards her, especially when, as First Lady, she had to deal with the fallout from her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky in such a public manner. But the more I saw her in action, the more alienated I became, especially when I saw her frequently reaching out to Wall Street types who were the same people who were instrumental in tanking the economy back in 2008. That was why I didn’t vote for her in 2008 and I didn’t vote for her in the Democratic primary in Maryland this year. Had Hillary Clinton won in a fair vote, I would not only vote for her in November but I would encourage others to do the same.

But, thanks to Wikileaks and reports of voter irregularities in places like Illinois, Massachusetts, and Nevada there is no way I will ever support her. While I would love to see a woman in the White House one day, I want a woman who is far more ethical than Hillary Clinton.

Long before this latest Wikileaks scandal Hillary Clinton has had issues. The late political blogger Steve Gilliard wrote this post highlighting Clinton’s weaknesses as well as being listed among the most detested politicians back in 2007 and this has not changed at all. The left-leaning film director Michael Moore has just written this opinion piece on 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win and, sadly, I’m afraid he’ll be right if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination. Numerous polls have repeatedly shown that, in a matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump will win more votes. This latest poll has just said the same thing as earlier polls. Yet in other polls that show a matchup between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, Sanders wins. It’s obvious that if the Democrats really want to win the White House this November, they should back the candidate who polls best against Donald Trump. To put an unpopular politician like Hillary Clinton as the official Democratic nominee would be suicidal.

If Hillary Clinton really cares about the future of this country and is very concerned about the potential fascist leanings of Donald Trump, she should withdraw from the race now and cede all of her delegates to Bernie Sanders. If she does it now, history will be kind to her while portraying her as the woman who did what it took to save the United States from fascism by sacrificing her own political ambitions. Because if she doesn’t do this, then she will totally ruin not only her political career but her reputation as well and the Democrat Party will implode far worse than the Republican Party did at its own convention last week. It will be far more likely that the Democrats will go the way of the Whigs unless it changes course and do the right thing.

So, Democrats, if you keep up with your efforts to shove Hillary Clinton in voters’ faces as the Democratic nominee, I will vote for my first woman president in November—Jill Stein. There is no way I can, in good conscience, vote for Hillary Clinton and there is no way in hell I will ever vote for a self-serving buffoon like Donald Trump. Being forced to make such a choice would be like having a medical professional ask me if I would rather have stage 4 lung cancer or a growing inoperable brain tumor.

By the way, I highly recommend reading this interesting editorial: The Corporate Liberal in America.