A few months ago I unfortunately witnessed the rapid decline of the Republican Party when the Republican debate devolved into a discussion of a candidate’s penis size. But this week’s Republican convention in Cleveland really takes the cake. I’ll admit that all political conventions have their share of excesses but this year’s Republican convention will be the most remembered one for the next several years. It was so fitting that Stephen Colbert hijacked the stage to make this hilarious opening.

The sad part is that the Republican Party was once the party that had rational people like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower. Granted Richard Nixon was a crook but even he seems pretty benign compared to the crazies who dominate that party and the crazy was definitely on full display in Cleveland this week. There is this rousing country song “Trump YEAH!”

There was Michelle Van Etten, whose bizarre speech full of circus metaphors and lots of shouting have briefly earned her about five minutes of fame.

This article on Vox.com will fill you in on who is Michelle Van Etten.

The craziness even extended to the media when Alex Jones and Roger Stone crashed a taping of The Young Turks and it turned ugly pretty quick.

The only person who stood up to Trump by refusing to go along with this clown car and endorse the buffoon is Senator Ted Cruz. Of course he was greeted with boos but I have to admit that he was very brave for doing what he did and he’s very lucky that he was able to leave that building alive with no injuries.

I have long thought of Ted Cruz as being completely insufferably self-righteous but I have to give credit where credit is due for standing up to The Donald and not going along with the crowd. I still disagree with nearly everything Ted Cruz stands on politically but his brave act proves to me that a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

And then there’s Donald Trump, who’s such a family man that cameras caught him from not one but two different angles being affectionate towards his daughter Ivanka in a way that most fathers aren’t. That incident reminds me of part one and part two of The Daily Show‘s epic “Don’t Forget, Donald Trump Wants to Bang His Daughter.”

And then there was Donald Trump’s acceptance speech that was so revolting that I can only watch it via The Daily Show.

Months ago I laughed off the rumors that Donald Trump is waging a fake campaign in an effort to both destroy the Republican Party and help Hillary Clinton win the White House mainly because I thought Trump’s ego is way too big to do something on behalf of someone else. As time goes on and I see the back and forth attacks between Trump and Clinton that sound more staged than anything that actually comes from the heart, the more I’m starting to believe those rumors.

Sure there have been fake presidential campaigns before with candidates ranging from Pat Paulsen to Howard the Duck but they were obviously done for satiric purposes. Donald Trump’s fake campaign is more dangerous because it seeks to undermine democracy in the United States in an effort to rig the elections in favor of a Wall Street-backed candidate like Hillary Clinton. I’m very upset that someone as dishonest and sleazy as Donald Trump is being rewarded by not only getting constant media attention (so he didn’t have to spend any money on things like political ads because he was getting free exposure) but also by being handed the presidential nomination of a major political party.

Next week it will be the Democrats’ turn to have a convention and anything can happen. For the past several weeks I’ve been writing a rough draft of this rant that I’ll post after the convention in Philadelphia is over. I’m hoping that I won’t post it as is and I’ll have to rewrite it in order to make it sound more positive. I have the slight hope that something could happen that will turn the elections into something serious and genuine and everything will turn out all right in the end but a part of me is thinking that I’m seeing the death of democracy in America. 😦