Whenever I went to Adams-Morgan I would stop at Döner Bistro because it had excellent German food and a wonderful ambiance. I went there a lot to eat dinner when the DC chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School met at Chef Ike’s across the street from Döner Bistro. I felt that the food at Döner Bistro was way better than at Chef Ike’s so I would eat dinner there then cross the street all ready to draw whoever was modeling that day.

I haven’t been back since 2014 partly because of finances and partly because I hadn’t had a need to go to Adams-Morgan (especially since Dr. Sketchy’s DC now meets at the Bier Baron in Dupont Circle).

Today I learned via Facebook that the Döner Bistro location in Adams-Morgan will be closed as of August 1 after four years of operation. (Döner Bistro has two other locations that will remain open. Unfortunately those two locations are in Leesburg, Virginia, and Frederick, Maryland and both places are at least a 40 minutes drive from where I live—and that’s in good traffic.) I now regret not making more of an effort to visit Adams-Morgan and eating more meals at Döner Bistro.

I would love to go there for one last meal but I don’t know if I’ll be able to swing it financially (especially given the fact that the Metro system keeps on raising fares while providing subpar service that’s well documented in the Facebook group Unsuck DC Metro). Regardless of whether I’ll be able to eat one final meal or not, I’ll definitely miss that place. My last post about the place from two years ago has photos so you’ll get an idea of what the ambiance was like.