My support group for people who are separated or divorced had a fundraiser at this restaurant which had some awesome happy hour prices. (I ordered two tacos for only $2 each plus a bottle of Dos Equis beer for $3.) I knew that Homestead Gardens was located just a mile away from that restaurant so I stopped by there briefly to look around before I continued on to the restaurant. I saw that the nursery had their farm animals outside except only one goat was currently outside when I was there that day.



I also saw this lovely fountain that I couldn’t resist photographing.


A day after I took the above photograph with my smartphone, I got this notice from my Google Maps app asking me to submit that photo to its app so people would see my photograph whenever they type in the address of Homestead Gardens’ Davidsonville location. I hit the “OK” button and I got a notice about a day or two later telling me that my photo of that fountain has already garnered a lot of views. I have just looked it up on Google Maps on my MacBook to see how it works and my photo is among a slideshow of other photos that people had previously taken of that place. (Here’s a direct link to my photo as seen on Google Maps in case you’re curious.) It’s the first time I’ve ever had the Google Maps app invite me to submit anything. No, I didn’t get paid but, then again, I wasn’t on any special assignments where I made a special trip to that store just so I could take photos. I guess my photo is now an example of user-generated content.