I recently appeared on the first episode of a new YouTube series called C.H.A.O.S. (Cartoons, Hobbies, and Other Stuff). I was talking about my memories of the McDonaldland commercials that the TV networks used to air on Saturday mornings between the cartoons. Here’s the episode in question. For those of you who only care about what I have to say, I can be found just past the 7 minute mark. But it’s worth seeing the whole thing since it has a runtime of just a little over 9 minutes.

Filming the interview was no big deal. Here’s a photo I took of the behind the scenes during the making of that video. The person on the left is George Kochell, who was also interviewed in that video, and the person holding the video camera is the series’ director/editor Ola Betiku.


One fringe benefit of getting involved with that first episode is that a bunch of Happy Meal toys were purchased especially for this video shoot, which you can see in the above photo. The toys were based on the characters from the Angry Birds video game and they were released in conjunction with the release of the Angry Birds movie. It was the first week of the Angry Birds Happy Meal toys so the local McDonald’s gave away the red bird. We looked at the red bird toys and noticed that there was an on/off switch in the back but we couldn’t figure out what the bird did when the switch was flipped on. Filming went on despite not being able to figure out the red bird toy. When filming was finished for the day (it was cut short due to the fact that it was a sweltering hot day) I was given one of the red bird toys along with some wrapped apple slices and one of the small apple juice boxes (the latter two were from the Happy Meals).

It was only after everyone else had left and I took a closer look at the red bird did I figure out that you had to not only turn the switch on in the bird’s back but also press down on the feathers on top of the bird’s head in order to get any kind of action. I filmed a short video of me playing with that bird and I uploaded it on Facebook. A few hours later, when it was a bit darker, I shot the same toy indoors because it showed up better in the dark. I shot another short video and uploaded it on Facebook as well. I’ve recently combined the two videos together into one minute-long video and uploaded it on to YouTube. Enjoy!