A few months ago I purchased this stop-motion animation kit at Target known as Stikbot Studio Pro for only $20. It comes with a tripod for my smartphone, two Stikbot people that I’m expected to move in order to produce the animation effect, and two different colored screens (blue or green). I downloaded the free app. I found the app easy to use except it’s a bit on the buggy side. (I wasn’t able to master the placing of photos over the blue or green screen yet.) I haven’t tried it since my first effort but since I recently got the latest operating system for my Droid (Marshmallow) I should give the app another try to see if it works better in Marshmallow.

I imported the very short animation into iMovie where I played around with iMovie’s features (such as slowing down the video). I backed that animation with music that YouTube provided for free. In any case, here’s the animation.

I found other uses for the Stikbot Studio Pro besides animation. The tripod itself is very useful for other photography projects involving my smartphone. But the green screen is useful as well for other photography, such as this photo below.