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A few weeks ago Ady Almanza did a three-part video tutorial on how to draw an American Girl (which has absolutely no connection to the doll company of the same name). This tutorial series is not related to last summer’s Doll Dreams Book tutorial that was supposed to last 10 sessions but she ended up not adding any new tutorials after the third lesson. I decided to use this tutorial in my Doll Dreams Book anyway since I still have a few blank pages left that I really need to fill.

Here’s the original board book page before I covered it in gesso and then created art all over the gesso.


Here is my drawing. Since it’s supposed to have an American theme, I decided to spend some spare time last month working on it so I could upload it today since it’s the Fourth of July (a.k.a. Independence Day).


I admit that I deviated from the tutorial a bit. The original tutorial called for using mostly Sharpies. I did the American flag, the shoes, and all of the black outlines using the German import Staedtler pens.  I did the hair, hat, and skin using the Japanese import Deleter Neopiko-2 pens. I used a Japanese import Sakura gel pen for the gold tablecloth. For the white stars, white stripes, and the white areas of the eyes I left it blank although I did go over some of the mistakes in the white areas using more of the white gesso. I did the background by coloring the areas nearest to the woman, flag, and table using a watercolor pencil then dipping that same pencil in water for coloring in the areas that were further away from the figures and closer to the ends of the page.

The original tutorial called for having the woman’s hair being black. I opted to make her a blonde instead while adding a beauty mark to her cheek. I have to admit that working on this page brought back memories of the time nearly two years ago when a burlesque performer named Dolly Longlegs modeled at a Dr. Sketchy’s event in Baltimore (link is NSFW) while being dressed in a variety of red, white, and blue patriotic outfits (including pasties and g-string). And the beauty mark reminded me of Marilyn Monroe.

For anyone else who wants to try their hand at creating something similar to what I did, here is the original three-part tutorial.

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