Last night there was an attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando while that place was having a Latin-themed party. As of this writing at least 50 people have been killed. The gunman, who’s now dead, is an American of Middle Eastern descent. I’ve seen all this outcry all over social media over the victims who needlessly lost their lives. Google has decorated the bottom of its homepage with a black ribbon.

Forgive me if I’m not joining in the mass mourning for people whom I’ve never met. I’ve seen this happen all before with similar mass shootings at Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary School where people start to do a mass mourning but when the time comes to actually pass common sense laws regarding who can or cannot buy a gun, the NRA and their sycophants in Congress and the state legislatures will block any proposed legislature claiming that it violates the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (The majority of these blocked bills were calling for things like background checks to make sure that the person buying a gun isn’t mentally ill or is linked to a terrorist organization.) Then the general public will quickly forget about this latest massacre until the next one.

And then there are people like fascist buffoon/U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeting that those shootings prove him right about how this country needs to round up Muslims and deport them while forbidding Muslims from entering the U.S. Right now there is no direct link to any official Islamic terrorist organization but the gunman had pledge allegiance to ISIS. That group rose in Iraq and Syria in response to U.S. policy in both nations. Maybe the U.S. needs to take a hard look that that policy, much of it is driven by the quest for cheap oil, and start doing a sincere look at alternatives to fossil fuels (such as solar and wind) that will ultimately make the U.S. far less likely to intervene militarily in the Middle East and, thus, make it far less likely that terrorists will directly target the U.S.

It’s ironic that there are calls to deport all Muslims whenever a Muslim who does something horrible like this yet when a white man like Eric Rudolph bombed a lesbian bar in Atlanta a number of years ago, I never heard any calls to detain white men or round up and deport white people back to Europe where their ancestors came from.

And then there is the homophobia angle that can’t be ignored. It’s a sad statement that the religious faith I currently belong to (Unitarian Universalism) is one of a few faiths that actually welcome LGBTQ to its fold and doesn’t condemn them for being “sinners.” Most other faiths are far more intolerant towards LGBTQ and will frequently kick a person out of that faith for even coming out. The fact that there are so many homophobic online responses to the shooting in Orlando says it all about how accepted LGBTQ people really are.

Until the U.S. makes a sincere effort regarding its foreign policy in the Middle East, its extremely liberal gun laws where such dangerous weapons frequently fall into the hands of people who have no business getting such weapons, and until most religions start becoming more opening and welcoming to LGBTQ people, tragedies like this will go on.

That’s why I refuse to join in the mass online mourning.