So much for my original New Year’s resolution of doing one new sketch in my small sketchbook each day. (LOL!) In my defense, I have to say that there are times when I find doing these sketches to be time consuming, especially if I had done other creative projects that day (such as working on a new art project or updating this blog). But I really need to be more disciplined about working more on that sketchbook, especially since I had done only three new sketches for the entire month of May.

The first sketch was inspired by my recent attendance at the annual Greenbelt Green Man Festival, which was held on Mother’s Day weekend. I drew this Green Man.


After I did that drawing I slacked off on doing any more drawings until it was just a couple of days before the end of May and I realized that I had only done one drawing that entire month. In an effort to come up with more than one drawing for the entire month I played around with Rory’s Story Cubes for the other two drawings. Here is what I came up with on May 29.


And here is what I did on May 31, the last day of the month.