Nearly a year ago I wrote a blog post titled Sometimes You May Get a Sale From the Most Unexpected Places where I had people offer to buy items I had featured on my Flickr account. So I didn’t get rich off of these sales but it was a nice surprise nonetheless.

Among the items I sold last year was a Citizen Brick Minifig known as Leisure Enthusiast, which I bought on impulse along with a second Citizen Brick Minifig when I attended Brickfair 2012 a few years ago. I once thought about creating a special Lego set that included these two unique Minifigs but I never got around to doing anything like that. In fact, I had never removed either toy from its original packaging. I basically hung them both on a large bulletin board that’s in my living room along with various menus for local restaurants. So when someone offered to buy the Leisure Enthusiast, I agreed to part with him after I took a couple of photos for my own personal record.

So I was now down to one Citizen Brick Minifig. I didn’t miss the one I sold at all and the one I still owned was still in his original packaging hanging in the same spot on the same bulletin board where he had always been since I brought him home from Brickfair 2012. Recently I got an message on Flickr from the same person who purchased the Leisure Enthusiast asking if I would agree to sell him the one last Citizen Brick Minifig. I took a look at that toy hanging on the bulletin board, I decided to sell him so he would have a chance to reunite with his Leisure Enthusiast buddy. The buyer sent the money via PayPal so I packed that Minifig and shipped it to him but not before I took some shots of this Minifig for my own personal record.


This particular Minifig is known as Botany Enthusiast but, judging from his t-shirt and that yellow-green water pipe he’s holding, it looks like he’s only enthusiastic about one type of plant.


And here’s the back of the package.


That’s not all to the story. About a week after I sent the Minifig off to his new home, I received another e-mail from someone else offering to buy that same one! I had to decline that offer since I no longer own that toy. Now that I’ve sold the last of the Citizen Brick Minifig that I’ve owned, I can now say that I no longer own any Citizen Brick Minifigs so if you’re in the mood to buy one, I suggest looking on Citizen Brick’s website.

Not long after I closed that sale I got an out of the blue offer on another item that I used to have. Way back in 2014 I mentioned that I had donated a few old collectibles to the yard sale that was put on by my support group for people who are separated or divorced. Among the items was this map from a now-defunct theme park known as The Wildlife Preserve that was located in Six Flags America’s current location in Largo, Maryland.

Vintage 1970s Map of a Now-Defunct Theme Park

I had a guy inquire about buying that map from me because he said that he saw my blog post about it. I had to politely decline that offer because I had long since donated it to my support group and there’s no way I can even locate it now or track down who bought that map at that 2014 yard sale.

Like I wrote in my previous post on this topic nearly a year ago, you won’t get an immediate offer of a sale on any of your items based on photos you’ve posted in your blog or social media accounts and it’s definitely not for people who, for whatever reason (such as moving) need to get rid of their excess possessions immediately. It’s also unlikely that you’ll make a lot of money holding on to your objects while posting photos of them online in the hopes that someone else will eventually buy them. But if you’re someone with a lot of space in your home, you could just try posting your items online and see what happens. Maybe you’ll get someone offering to buy your stuff from out of the blue.