I recently created this video tutorial that was originally intended as an audition for a potential job as an art teacher for senior citizens. I decided to upload this on YouTube because, hey, why not? It’s a free tutorial on how to create an art doll that’s especially made with beginners in mind. You don’t have to worry about not being able to sculpt anything because no sculpting is required. Here is the art doll I was working on while I shot this video.





It’s the first time I’ve ever done an arts and crafts tutorial and it was a challenge working on my latest art doll while trying to make sure that my video camera (a.k.a. my Droid smartphone) was able to get a shot of my hands at work. I even did a brief stop-motion animation of my new art doll sashaying along the beach towards the end of the video. (The background was a photo I took in North Beach, Maryland a couple of years ago.) It was essentially a one-person operation since I can’t afford to hire anyone to help me.

My tutorial is based on what I learned in a series of art doll workshops that I took at Makerspace 125. I figured that Memorial Day weekend would be the perfect time for anyone to take a stab at making one of these art dolls.

So, without further ado, here is my tutorial video. Enjoy!