I recently got a gig that could potentially turn into a new day job if all goes well. I hooked up with a housemate of one of my friends who is trying to parlay his experience with suffering from Lyme disease into a business venture. He’s starting out selling white jumpsuits that has been pre-treated with Sawyer Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent. Basically I’ll be wearing one of these jumpsuits and see how the crowds react at today’s Greenbelt Green Man Festival. I’ll even have a few of these jumpsuits with me in case someone wants to buy one for $20.

The festival runs all weekend but today is really the only day I can do this because I have a prior engagement at my church the following day. It’s possible I may make a very late afternoon appearance tomorrow but it’s iffy so if you really want to see me make a fashion statement, today is your best chance. For details and directions to the Greenbelt Green Man Festival, click here.