Every now and then I mention an online discussion forum that my then-husband and I were active in at the same time. He doesn’t post on that forum as much as he used to since he left me. Sometimes I go through periods where I’ll post something but there are days when I don’t bother at all. Since I joined that forum I’ve seen two of those online members die. One of them, who was known online as Polyestre but her real name was Julie, was someone whom I met in real life and she was brutally murdered by her boyfriend a year and a half after I met her my one and only time. The other, Magatha, died two years ago and she was someone whom I had never met in real life.

Yesterday I happened to be visiting that forum when I got word of another death. Her name was Sister Whozit and she lost her battle with cancer. She died last month but the forum didn’t learn about this until yesterday when one of the members happened to go on Sister Whozit’s brother’s Facebook page and she saw posts about that death.

I never met Sister Whozit in real life mainly because she lived in Maine and I live in Maryland. I’ve always enjoyed Sister Whozit’s insightful posts and I will miss them.

I’ve always liked the avatar that she used on the forum so, in her memory, I’ll end this post with her avatar.

Sister Whozit's avatar