Free Tutorials

Are you a knitter? If so, you can now download 300 free knitting books filled with patterns that were published from 1849-2012.

Are you more into crochet than knitting? Here are 20 crochet tips and tricks that will make you a better crocheter.

Here’s a free tutorial on how to make a Native American teepee for an American Girl-sized doll that could be easily adjusted for other kinds of dolls as well for non-doll uses (such as a pet).

Here are some cool and creative ways that you can recycle plastic bags into reusable items.

Browse other free tutorials previously mentioned in this blog (along with pictures) right here.

Miscellaneous Links

Check out some rare color photographs of the old Russian Empire that were shot from 1909-1915 before the Russian Revolution.

See the first extensive photos of the Pyongyang Metro subway system (most of which were previously closed to foreigners) that were shot by a Westerner. Each station is decked out with so much art that it looks like a mini art museum.

How to access a million stunning, copyright-free antique illustrations released by the British Library.

There was a time when the late Prince changed his name to this symbol, which was impossible to pronounce. Prince’s record company sent a special symbol font on floppy disks to various media outlet so they could refer to him by that symbol in their print stories. The media responded by referring to him as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (or TAFKAP for short). Eventually Prince ended up reverting back to his original English name and dropping the symbol (with the exception of these two special custom-built electric guitars). Thanks to the Daily Dot, there is now a way of getting that symbol font for your computer absolutely free so making your own digital Prince tribute will be a piece of cake.