For the past few Throwback Thursdays I’ve been uploading some early childhood drawings I did a long time ago. I was told that I started drawing once I learned how to hold a pencil in my hand. At one point I event attempted to write my own stories which I would also illustrate. I found a few fragments from what looked like one of my many attempts at writing my own storybook. Unfortunately these were the only two pages I found (they were written and drawn on the front and back of the same page). I only wish I could remember what kind of story that I was telling. It’s obvious that involved animals since the characters looked like animals. Since these samples involve writing, I probably did them sometime between the ages of 5-10.

The text in the next drawing says “Hi. Ima [sic] a Duck named Harry. He said.”


The text in the next drawing says “Fred was mad. He said What are you doing here Harry? What are you Doing in the egg?”