I’ve been messing up on my New Year’s resolution to create new drawings in this tiny sketchbook on a regular basis. I’ve gone from doing a new sketch every day to doing one once a week to now only doing one when I realize “Oh, shit, I haven’t drawn anything new in my little sketchbook in ages!”

How bad has it gotten? I only did a total of two sketches in March. This one I did while I was at a church retreat and I had previously posted about it in this blog.


The other March drawing was one that I did after I played around with the dice from Rory’s Story Cubes until I found the inspiration for this drawing. (Yes, it’s a monkey wearing a jeweled necklace and carrying a whip riding on the back of an elephant through a field of mushrooms outside the big top tent where they perform in a traveling circus.)


As for doing anything for April, I ended up not getting around to it until the middle of the month. It was a warm and sunny Saturday when I decided to hang around at Roosevelt Center in the historical section of Greenbelt, Maryland. I decided to try my hand at sketching the large Mother and Child statue that’s on the plaza. I did the outline in black ink and colored it in using a pencil.


Here’s a photograph I took of the same statue recently so you can compare my drawing with the original.


And, finally, here’s a drawing I did as a tribute to the recently deceased Prince.


I did a two-page spread just like I did for David Bowie when he died a few months earlier. Of course I used purple as a dominant color because it’s Prince. As for the words on the page, they were taken from the song “Strollin’,” which can be found on the Diamonds and Pearls CD.