Recently a friend of mine decided to purchase a bushel of apples that were on sale at the local farmers market because they had been picked a few days before so they were priced to move. He made this huge purchase despite the fact that he is single and he lives in a house with two other housemates. When I ran into him he offered me some from his bushel because he knew that he had purchased way more than everyone living in his home can possibly eat.

I took him up on his kind offer only to realize when I carried those apples to the car that there were way more apples than I could possibly eat. Sure I could bake apple pies but I would need to bake two or three pies, which would be way too much for me since I live alone.

So I went online and looked for recipes for meals that use apples. I found this recipe for Beer Brined Pork Chops With Roasted Apples on Betty Crocker’s site. I already had the necessary spices at home so I went to Aldi where I found boneless pork chops on sale. Then I went to the liquor store where I went to the refrigerator where they keep the individually priced beer bottles. I purchased the cheapest beer in that refrigerator for only $1.25 mainly because I was only going to use it to marinade the pork overnight then discard it. (A lot of times you don’t need to buy expensive beer if you’re only going to use it as an ingredient in a meal.)

So I followed the recipe and the results were excellent. I could definitely taste the beer in the pork chop yet the brown sugar did off-set the beer taste. And the apples had the consistency of chunky mashed potatoes but there were very tasty. I have enough leftovers to freeze for the next few weeks and I was able to use up some of the surplus apples that my friend gave me. So all was well.

With spring being here and with more and more farmers markets opening up all over the place, this recipe will definitely come in handy if you end up with more apples than you can possibly use.

Beer Brined Pork Chops With Roasted Apples