Two months ago I did a post about the death of Prince’s one-time protege Vanity. Now I’ve just learned that the mentor himself is dead. That’s right, Prince is dead at the age of 57. This is so totally out of left field that it’s unreal and it proves once again how 2016 seems to be the year where famous music celebrities die.

I definitely remember Prince from my youth, especially when the Purple Rain soundtrack was a huge hit. (I played the hell out of my copy of the Purple Rain album all through my college years.) A few years after I graduated from college one of my friends told me that she had briefly dated Prince back when they were teenagers living in Minneapolis. She never went into heavy details as to what he was like nor has she ever done things like give interviews or write a tell-all book. (She gave me the impression that their relationship didn’t last very long.)

I tried scouring the Internet for any of Prince’s music since he left behind such a huge legacy only to remember that he was such a Copyright Nazi Control Freak that he went to great effort to keep his music off of sites like YouTube as much as possible and he even once sued 22 fans for $1 million each simply for providing links to bootlegs of his concerts on filesharing sites. As late as last year he removed his music from most of the music streaming sites. As a result I found just three relevant videos on YouTube, which is a shame because Prince really was such a musical talent. So, without further ado, here are the music videos I found.

Since actual Prince videos posted online are so few, I decided to find a few videos of songs written by Prince but were recorded by others. Here’s The Bangles with “Manic Monday.”

Here’s Sinéad O’Connor with “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Here’s Cyndi Lauper with her version of “When You Were Mine.”

Tevin Campbell sings “Round and Round” while, if you look close enough, Prince can be seen among some of the background scenes.

Morris Day and the Time performs “Jungle Love.”

Sheila E had a hit with this Prince-penned tune “The Glamorous Life.”

Sheena Easton also had a hit with another Prince-penned tune, “Sugar Walls.”

Prince also wrote this song for Alicia Keys, “How Come You Don’t Call Me.”

Here’s Chaka Khan performing “I Feel For You.”

Martika had a hit with this Prince-written song, “Love Thy Will Be Done.”

TLC performed this Prince song, “Get It Up.”

And, finally, here’s Stevie Nicks with her hit “Stand Back,” which she co-wrote with Prince.