Free Tutorials

Are you a crocheter who’s tired of doing the same old granny square? Here’s a free tutorial on how to crochet a spiral granny square that looks really cool.

Browse other free tutorials previously mentioned in this blog (along with pictures) right here.

Miscellaneous Links

Here’s a great essay that everyone should read: If Trump and Clinton are the best we can do, Go home, Democracy, you’re drunk.

According to scientists, unicorns really did exist in real life thousands of years ago. These real unicorns are a far cry from the unicorns that are frequently depicted in movies and TV shows like The Last Unicorn and My Little Pony.

Right now the U.S. economy is still suffering from the antics of the 1% while the bottom 99% bears the brunt of those antics. Here’s a fascinating article about how Norway and Sweden managed to become a more egalitarian society after suffering from similar economic conditions up until the 1930’s.